Lab report

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Lab report is written to conduct and analyze a particular experiment, the results of which are received in a specially equipped room called a laboratory. The algorithm of lab work includes: theoretical calculations, data acquisition and analysis of received results. Lab reports are usually written in a neutral and objective tone.

If your instructor gives you the instructions for how to write a lab report, make sure you follow them. A lab report discloses your ability to conduct an experiment, explain how you did it and what you learned.

How to write a lab report

  • Cover page. Not all lab reports have cover sheets, but if it is required, it should contain: the title of your experiment, your name and your lab partners’ names, your instructor’s name and the date.
  • Title. It reveals what you did. It should be concise.
  • Introduction. It usually consists of one paragraph and explains the aims of the lab.
  • Materials. Everything that is needed for performing an experiment must be listed here.
  • Methods. Provide detailed description of your experiment.
  • Data. Just the facts obtained from the experiment.
  • Results. Provide data explanation.
  • Conclusions. Basically it is a summary of what you achieved in your experiment, whether you succeeded or failed.
  • Graphs, tables, figures.
  • Resources. List all used references in your lab report.
  • Check grammar.

Tips on writing a lab report


  • Stick to scientific style. Sentences should be brief and precise.
  • Make sure you use the correct definitions of terms.
  • Do not sound repetitive.
  • Mind grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Follow the guidelines.


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