The three main questions about composition

  1. What is a composition?

It ‘s an independent work that involves the presentation of a particular topic by the students with their own vision of the question. It’s given in writing, and is used for current knowledge control, which involves not only determining the level of stylistic and grammatical skills, but also the degree of mastering the material that has been passed (writing on a given topic).

The writing causes a definite problem, especially among schoolchildren. The most common question that students ask themselves: “What to write?”. Don’t limit yourself – it’s very easy to hand over the work that you download, but you are capable of more, are not you?

Many people find it difficult to formulate their thoughts on paper, although in their head they are born brilliant. Someone is not easily given the introductory part, and for some difficulties the definition of the structural parts of the composition is called. Therefore, you can just make a so-called metaphase (rephrasing) the text, and get your own work, in your understanding of the topic.

  1. What are the main requirements for writing a comsition?

The writing is quite free work in choosing the style and direction of the topic, expressing one’s own point of view. But, despite the certain limitless rules, the structure of the composition must be strictly observed. In the traditional plan, it defines the formulation and disclosure of the three main parts of the composition:

  1. introductory
  2. The main
  3. The final part

In the absence of one of the three parts, the structure of the entire work is disrupted. This is considered a mistake and is strictly taken into account when evaluating the whole work.

  1. How correctly to work on composition?

It is necessary to compile the original plan. Write down the main circumstances you want to talk about and the questions you want to disclose. Build them in a logical sequence. During work don’t deviate from the plan.

Set the ratio by the volume of work, main body and conclusion. Remember that the biggest part should be the main part, slightly less should be introduction, and the smallest is the conclusion. Any deviation in the volume of a part of the work will negatively affect the whole work, and accordingly on the evaluation.